Girl and Her Moon The Podcast

The Awe of being Alive, the Power of Simplicity & Intention with Jordane Maree

May 26, 2022 Jordane Maree Season 1 Episode 4
Girl and Her Moon The Podcast
The Awe of being Alive, the Power of Simplicity & Intention with Jordane Maree
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Advanced Practice is basic practice mastered.  Let's return home, to the space where nothing could be more important than total awe at being alive, at being here, getting to experience Life. 

A solo episode with Jordane returning to foundational truths, simplicity, beauty and the power of intention. 

What foundational knowings are you being asked to become more familiar with, more rooted in? What basic truths wants to hold you? 

Enjoy x

One of my intentions of this podcast as a whole, and branching off that each unique episode, is for my words to be a mirror for whatever words are desiring to be witnessed in your own experience, for whatever your heart is whispering, whatever your body is guiding, whatever the Universe or Life is communicating to you


I hold the intention that you receive, witness, realise, say yes to whatever is yours in this moment. 


Whether the words spoken here are a direct mirror to your experience, or maybe they indirectly open a door that leads you to this other thought, or this research, or conversation, that then opens this new subject or understanding or emotion. Whatever it may be.


I hold the intention that the final puzzle piece lands, and with that clarity opens. 


I hold the intention that a door into healing, realisation, and deeper connection with self unlocks.


And we hear about intention everywhere. 


The power of intention. 


I remember a few years before Girl and Her Moon I had very newly stumbled into the world of meditation, mindset, energy, of witnessing myself as a spiritual being, I had this friend at work who spoke about intention to me. He said, tomorrow morning when you wake up, I want you to hold the intention to have an incredibly fun day. Hold the intention to have a joyful day. An exciting day.


And so the entire rest of that day leading up to that next day I was already so excited. A part of me had decided that tomorrow was going to be one of the funnest days ever. All I was doing was going to work, but it was still going to be special, exciting, and joyful. I had decided and the energy of tomorrow was already building off of that decision.


And it happened. I woke up as if it were Christmas morning. Instead of rolling out of bed I quite literally jumped out of bed. I had a beautiful morning. I had a fun drive to work. And my day was filled with joy. It was filled with beautiful conversations. And it was as if the things that usually really annoyed me just couldn’t get into my field. They would bounce right off me.


And naturally I was mind blown. Absolutely mind blown this was the first time I had ever intentionally created an aspect of my reality while being aware of it. It was the first time with my awareness that I had really set the tone of the energy around me and in front of me. 


It was as if I had just stepped into a new foreign magical world that I had no idea existed. 


Fast forward to today I have something on a whiteboard in my office they aren’t my words, but I heard from Pilar Lesko and knew I needed to be in the energy of them for a while to let them really sink into me.


This is whats written:


Advanced Practice is basic practice mastered.


Advanced Practice is basic practice mastered.


Have you ever noticed yourself skipping past what we see as foundational truths, teachings or knowings because as a society we have somehow decided that the more complex something is, the more value it holds? Or the more value we hold for pursuing it?


We ask ourselves questions that we know we already know, dismissing our knowing because it just couldn’t be that simple.


We look for some magical missing piece that will change everything, sprinting past the foundations that everything is built upon and born from.


Advanced Practice is basic practice mastered.


So often simplicity is where greatest wisdom is found. 


Like witnessing what I am creating with my intention. 


I am still mind blown every time I sit down with an intention before I do a thing or have a conversation, or whatever it may be, and witness as that intention unfolds before me in my experience like a painting being painted in front of me.


A lot of guidance and soul reminders this entire year for me has been about coming back to my foundations. Coming back to basics.


Life is so vast, the human experience can take us in so many directions at once. It can take us incredibly deep into the unknown and it can expand us out into the most magical bliss, the overwhelming love.
 It can take us up and down and left and right every other direction possible.
 It can be hard, it can be blissful. It can be painful, and it can be beautiful.
 So complex, yet at the same time, often so simple.
 Never underestimate the power in simplicity.
 The power in choosing.
 The power in intention.
 The power in perspective.
 The power in the simplicity of noticing the beauty that is available everywhere, in every moment.

I don’t know what could be more important than total awe at being alive, at being here, getting to experience Life.


I don’t know what could be more humbling, fulfilling, heart exploding, and HEALING than witnessing the magic, the love, and the divinity in everything around and within us.


We do our best, as humans, to complicate everything we can. 


I am here. I am alive. There is a Sun that shines warmth on my skin. And a Moon that whispers reminders of the highest love. 


I choose to come home to the magic of this. The awe of this. I choose to let it crack my heart open. I choose to let it fill me.


This is my home. This is where I am me. This is where I can express, connect and create from.


This is where I can go out into the world and live from. 

 It doesn’t mean life is perfect.
It doesn’t mean you can’t be holding an uncomfortable or deeply emotional state about one thing to then notice the bliss in another.
You are an incredible vast being, you can hold a multitude of energies at once.


We have this incredible capacity to feel every emotion simultaneously. Every colour every shade.
 Even if they feel like opposites.
 Even if it feels like they should cancel each other out.


They don’t. They can coexist.
 Instead of dismissing pain to then force yourself to see the joy in life – 


Or missing the joy to be exclusive to your pain


What if we didn’t see them as so separate?


What is we could turn the dial up on both energies, on all emotion that is hanging out in our current state


Turn up the dial on your present experience, no matter what emotion or thought it present?
 Feel into them all with greater depth.
 Let them grow and grow and expand beyond what you can hold onto.
 See what is waiting beyond that.


Often a simple truth is.


If I were to ask you right now, what foundations, basics or simple knowings are you being asked to return to? What would your answer be?


If it could really be that simple?


What foundational knowings are you being asked to become more familiar with, more rooted in? What basic truths wants to hold you? 


Whether you are new to building a relationship with yourself, with life, with existing as a divine human being or you have been on your unbecoming, becoming, spiritual journey for a while – the question is present and inviting you from wherever you are on your journey.


What foundational basics are you being asked to return to? What simple truth, guidance, knowing, can you sink into and let shape your life? What foundation can you let hold you?


I ask you to ponder on that if it is yours to ponder on. And let the answer be simple. 


Thank you for being here today, I adore you, truly. 


All of you. 

All of the you that you show to the world and all that you is still sitting in hiding. All of your light and dark. You’re magic. I don’t know yet when the next episode will be so I guess we will both be pleasantly surprised, make sure you are following along on Instagram, Facebook or in our emailing list which by the way is my favourite place to communicate and share love and discounts connection and special offerings.