Girl and Her Moon The Podcast

Welcome & Podcast Intentions with Jordane Maree

May 12, 2022 Jordane Maree Season 1 Episode 1
Girl and Her Moon The Podcast
Welcome & Podcast Intentions with Jordane Maree
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It’s as if Girl and Her Moon is her own energetic expression, as if it exists as an energetic container in the cosmos, where I can step into it almost like a room.

I can look around, witness how my body feels, witness the main messages or take aways from what this divine being has to share with me. I can become one with it for a moment.

And the same is true for this podcast

Welcome to Girl and Her Moon the Podcast! Episode 1 explores a sweet and welcoming introduction to Jordane, Girl and Her Moon, and this new adventure (podcast!). 

Enjoy! xx

Welcome to the first episode of Girl and Her Moon the Podcast, with me, Jordane. 


Part of me can’t believe we are here, that this is what we’re doing, that this is what’s calling my heart forward. Yet, most of me can witness how natural of a step this is, how much it just makes sense. 

How perfectly, and divinely, orchestrated this step is and can see all the pieces that have been coming into play to allow me to arrive right here.

For those of you who don’t know me yet, hello, thank you so much, for being here with me on this new adventure.

I am the founder of Girl and Her Moon, where we explore Soul through the lens of astrology, tarot and energy work. 

I know one day we will dive deeper into the story of Girl and Her Moon and also my story, but I wanted to create this episode to really just welcome you into this space and even welcome myself into this new space. 

Like I said this is a completely new adventure, a completely new path, and today I really just want to be present with you, and with the energy and intentions of this space.

As a brand Girl and Her Moon started in the most beautifully, natural way, truly.

It started without me even realising that it was starting. It started because I was moving through a deeply transformative time in my life, and my heart was yearning for a space to explore that transformation somewhere safe, and so I started and Instagram page, and a blog. 

This was in late 2018, and in early 2019, the step that was asking to be taken was one where I was in full devotion to this new thing in my life.

Where I was devoted with my time, with my energy, my presence, and my heart. And an invitation also present for me to allow and create something that could support me. 

And so, it came to a point where Girl and Her Moon was ready to shift from a hobby into a business.

And over the last few years it’s been through being present in each now moment and taking the next step that presented itself, Girl and Her Moon shifted from a blog into a brand, from just me on my old dying laptop, into a team. From an Instagram page into an international community.

We are now a team of eight, which um, blows my mind. And in some of our next episodes I have every desire of getting to connect with everyone on the team in a way that you can really get to witness all of them, in an intimate and real setting. 

This space here, this podcast, this new path, I’ve made a clear and conscious decision to take off all of my hats here, and to take off all of my masks. I’ve devoted to dropping any expectation around what I should know, or performing to please. 

I’m not putting the label of expert on. Because it’s just not mine. I’m not a teacher. I’m not an authority.

I’m just here. I’m present. I’m with you. 

Together we’re exploring. 

And you’ll probably hear me say the word explore a lot. Anyone who knows me knows that explore is one of my favourite words, because for me it takes away a lot of pressure to already know everything, to show up in a certain way, to perform. 

When I think of the word explore, and when I think of this new space that we’re venturing into with this podcast, I see you and I, walking down a path that we haven’t yet walked. 

Witnessing what’s there. Without any judgement. Without any expectation. Witnessing what is calling our names. Knowing that there is no right or wrong, we’re just exploring, and being wholly present and truthful each step of the way. 

What message and wisdom the flowers hold for us, what present experience desires to be held for a moment, and expressed through words, and how we can hold each other. Together we’re exploring. You and I. Through this messy, yet divinely orchestrated life experience. 

There are so many facets to each of us, and I want this podcast to be a space where there is no boundary to what we can explore, if it calling our name, we trust that its for us.

I love astrology. I love connecting. I love writing. I love poetry and creating art. 

And I love exploring the mystical, the unseen, the mysteries of life. And this is a space where I feel like we can explore all of that and so much more, together. 

In a way that is real. In a way that is safe. In a way that all of each of us can be present.

If you’re someone who has different creative projects that you’re exploring, or you have different offerings through your brand or career, or your parent or deeply sensitive to the energy of different chapters of your life – this will make sense.

When we receive the vision, or the idea, or you know, that initial excitement at the beginning of something, or even before it begins – this will show up differently for so many of us but for me, when I receive this guidance of a step that is calling my heart, a lot of the time I receive quite an influx and in-depth connection with this vision or idea.

And that’s because I believe that each idea or project or offering, or even in a more subtle way, when we’re stepping a new chapter and we can just feel that shift, I believe that each of those shifts taking place is us stepping into the energetic signature of that chapter or project.

And what I mean by that is; when I immerse myself in the energy of Girl and Her Moon, I feel a certain way, my body feels a certain way. Just as if you were to step into a room that was painted a soft light blue, versus a room that was fully bright red, they hold a different energy, and we can feel that in our bodies.

When I step into the energy of Girl and Her Moon, If I were to express it through words, I would say things like safety, softness, yet awakening, mirror. I would use colours like pink and white, and symbols that are soft and flowy. 

It’s as if Girl and Her Moon is her own energetic expression, as if it exists as an energetic container in the cosmos, where I can step into it almost like a room. I can look around, witness how my body feels, witness the main messages or take aways from what this divine being has to share with me. I can become one with it for a moment. 

And I believe that is the case for everything. As if there is a different energetic room and signature essence for each of our offerings. 

I’ve always seen Girl and Her Moon as the trunk of a beautiful, ancient and wise tree, and our offerings as the branches coming off the trunk, with each trunk having its own expression, its own personality, its own essence. So if I were to step into the room of one specific reading for example, it would feel and vibrate differently to a different one of our readings.

The same is true for this podcast. It has its own intentions, its own energy, its own signature essence, its own shade of colour and primary words. It is its own being, almost. 

And when I received the initial idea of this podcast – which if we zoom out a little with a small side note, I don’t think I created it as an idea or anything, I think I arrived at a space on my journey, where I had the capacity to see this being, this podcast, that has always existed, waiting and ready for me step into it and express it. 

So when the time came, recently, that I witnessed this podcast that was ready to flow through me, I stepped fully into it. 

As in, I received and witnessed and felt all of its energy. I didn’t step one foot in and get a small understanding of it, it wasn’t a small and quiet intuitive hit, it was big, it was present, and I dived in, I felt all of it, all that I could feel from my present state anyway. I received it in what felt like a beautifully complete, wrapped up with a bow, gift box. 

I received the idea, and after a few days I felt the energetic shift that happens when we fully say yes to something. 

You know that shift that happens when we move from a maybe into a full body yes, or it feels like all the lights turn green around and within you and you can feel all of you, your heart, your Soul, saying yes to this step – this happened.

And a few nights later I woke up at about 2am, and I, kid you not, was awake for about 2 hours. And this is weird for me, I treasure my sleep, I see my sleep as very sacred and I respect the time dedicated to sleeping quite deeply. So this was weird. But I woke up, and it was literally as if in that moment I was receiving the podcast, as if the divine handed, in a beautiful gift box, this new adventure. And I said yes to it, I took off the lid, I stepped into it, I let myself become the energy of it for those two hours. 

My mind was full, excited, and just so overjoyed with all of the ideas that were waiting inside of this box. Ideas for episodes, ideas for interviews, for segments. I have so many pages of ideas. 

This giant vision of what this space can be, the potential that sits within it. The unfolding that occurs when I show up for next step, and the next step, and the next step, without controlling, but by being in the full potential and essence of this vision, of this podcast, and letting it grow and evolve in the natural way it’s designed to. 

As if I were given a seed, it’s not my job to change that seed into a fully bloomed flower, it’s my job to nurture it, be guided by it, listen to it and care for it. It naturally knows how to bloom. 

I was connecting to it again recently when I was thinking about creating a landing page for it – so just, a page on our website where the essence of it can be felt, and all the episodes are listed. And I’d love to share some of it with you, I’d love to introduce you to this new container so you can feel the energy, the essence, the personality and shades of colour and sound it holds: 

Girl and Her Moon, the podcast, is a space where we share from truth, not fear. Where we witness the innate power in our vulnerability.

Where we take off the masks of expectation, of needing-to-know-it-all, of performance, of abandoning-the-self to fit in. 

We’re not here to follow any trends, or fit into a structure that already exists.

We’re here saying yes to our paths, to our souls, to our hearts, in every moment, however that may look.

Where we explore self, and all that we meet as we stumble our way through this beautiful human experience.

Where we value all the cycles and chapters of being alive.

The moments of cracking open, the moments of beautiful bloom, the moments of confusion and doubt, the moments of excitement and clarity. Where we value the falling apart and the coming together. All of it is welcome here.

Where it’s not about what we know, but about who we are. 

This podcast is a space to connect, share our experience, become one for a moment.

There are no expectations here. Only spaciousness and invitations for truth.

At the core of this adventure: Connection. Vulnerability. Authenticity. Truth. Love. Expansion. Realness. Inspiration. A connection with our own divinity. 

Join us as we explore our hearts in one-on-one conversations.

Join us as we dive into our oneness with the cosmos through astrology and numerology.

Join us as we explore soul-based practices and lenses through which to look at the world. 

From topics like self-worth, creativity, expression, intuition, Soul, coming home to self, to astrology, numerology, tarot, channelling, business, energy, healing, akashic records and so much more. 

To topics that are undefinable, ungraspable, just presence, just exploring what it means to be alive, to be rooted in both our divinity and humanness, returning to the space where they are one. 

So, I want to thank you for being on this journey with me. 

I’m so excited for this space together because for me it holds the potential for such greater intimacy, such greater depth in connection, where we can really come together in full presence. 

It’s both a giant leap, and the most natural next step, it’s both huge and small at the same time. I can’t express the depth of my excitement, the depth of my gratitude, and in full truth, the presence of my fears, doubts, pressures, that often come when we’re expanding beyond what we know. 

But I’m saying yes anyway. For this new chapter. For this new branch growing off the trunk of Girl and Her Moon that is so illuminated and filled with love in my heart. 

We are recording another episode this week with a beautiful friend of mine, one of the most precious relationships I have right now, Nat, she is a wise poetic soul that explores life through the lens of numerology. And we will be exploring the energy of the number 11, as May is an 11 month in numerology. I’m so excited. 

And I will ask you to share this podcast if you enjoy it, share it with your friends, on social media, tag us and we will repost your love. This is new it’s not a space I’m totally familiar with the more practical side of yet, like reaching new people and not what so your support is so so appreciated.

Thank you being here, I love you deeply, may you meet yourself fully in this moment and be present with whatever is asking you to be present with it, may you return to yourself with love, softness, acceptance and joy. 

May you see all the beauty that surrounds you today, tomorrow and the days that continue to meet you.

I love you. Bye for now.